Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Silliness of Scientologist's Xenu

Church of Scientology office building
The Church of Scientology, we can all agree if we look at it even half objectively, is a Christian cult. There are no two ways about it once studied and evaluated. Their beliefs and history just can't be taken seriously once you've done just a little research. You can take a look here at what I'm talking about, in addition to doing your own research if desired.

Before I talk about the subject of this post, Xenu, I just want to point out that this cult was founded in the early 1950s by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. And truthfully, the history of Scientology is read just like a science fiction novel. And it all starts with the story of Xenu.

Aircraft flying through spaceNow after reading this Xenu story, how can any rational mind expect to believe in this. I mean, it's totally ludicrous to be taken seriously. As a science fiction novel, yes, it's quite interesting and sure to sell a lot of copies. But as this to be taken as absolute Truth, even to be taken as any kind of a Christian religion at all, I think not.

What's sad, in my opinion, is how many people are taken in by this Scientology cult, and how many people are brainwashed into believing this fantasy that is taken as literal truth. To actually believe that a dictator of some galaxy, Xenu, came to Earth millions of years ago on some sort of spacecraft that looks like a modern-day airplane, then murdering billions of his own people, really needs to take a step back and look at this objectively.

Xenu story as accurately recreated in South Park
Is this Xenu character, and the story around this fantasy, something we can say really happened? Is it logical? Does it make sense? How rational is it? We don't even need to ask for proof, as it is so illogical to begin with that to ask for proof would be wasting time. Any man (or woman) who says "yes, this Xenu story is true" is either lying, or brainwashed, and needs to seek professional help immediately.

The South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet" Season 9, Episode 12, is very accurate regarding this Xenu story. This cartoon not only accurately tells what Scientologists actually believe, but also exposes Scientology as a whole. I don't use this South Park episode to prove my point, I only say that it's dead-on accurate.

To end this post, it all boils down to this - the Church of Scientologist's Xenu is pretty silly. There are many other items I would love to talk about regarding Scientology, but they'll have to wait for some future post, in some other time, in some distant galaxy.

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