Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Existence of Angels, and of Demons

Guardian AngelThe belief of the supernatural is prevalent in nearly all cultures and religions, even in modern times. And one of the most common beliefs is the existence of a supernatural beings called an angel, and their opposite, of demons. But despite their popularity, do these beings even exist?

It's nice to believe in the existence of angels, of a supernatural being so powerful that they look over us and/or protect us. It's quite a comforting thought! But the question is, do angles exist? Is there any proof at all of their existence? Has there been any photographs of an angel? Can an angel be physically studied and observed? Of course the answer is no.

Now let's move on to the angel's evil cousin - demons. These scary supernatural beings are just as strong and powerful as of the goodly angels. And they should be, as according to the Bible, a demon is actually a fallen angel. And these demons are running amok in the world, spreading hate, fear, division, and just about any other negative you can think of.

demonBut do demons really exist? These guys run into the same problem as do angels. Not one demon has ever been photographed. Not one demon, to the best of my knowledge, has ever been physically studied and observed. Some people claim a person being "demon-possessed" as proof as to the existence of demons. But "demon-possession" is in reality an individual having some sort of mental illness. (Demon-possession is probably another topic for another day, one I would like to cover more fully.)

Both angels and demons are left to our imagination, with only scant clues given in the Bible or other religious texts about these beings. There are many reasons why people continue to believe in these two supernatural forces with no proof. Basically, in the case for angels, it is a comforting thought to have a strong Protector looking over us. And in the case of demons, as scape-goats to blame the world's troubles on.

Neither angels nor demons can be proven. There's not one shred of proof. Some people have claimed to have met an angel who has helped them under unusual situations, but that's not proof. What's far more likely is that that's just a stranger helping out another fellow human.

These are my quick thoughts on these two supernatural, mythical creatures.

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