Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are Miracles Real?

Are miracles real? Wow! That's a huge topic, which would take many pages and chapters to cover. My thoughts on this will be relatively short and simple, giving just a broad answer at this time. (By the way, this is my very first blog, so I hope it goes well.)

Jesus walking on water

Before getting started, my definition of miracle is "An event that occurs that cannot be explained by science at that point in time". Some events that has happened in the past were labeled as "miracles" only because science has not yet caught up to that time. Now once science has caught up, and that event can be logically explained, that event is no longer a "miracle".

Rabbit out of the hat trick

Now a magician or an illusionist can also use their "tricks of the trade" to accomplish a "miracle". They are masters of trickery and can trick an individual or an audience into believing something that never really happened. There are many examples of this, anywhere from watching a rabbit get pulled from a hat, to a woman getting sawn into two. As humans, we are easily deceived into believing in impossibilities, especially when watching any skilled magician that has mastered slight-of-hand.

In my opinion, this whole concept of miracle is over-used anyway. When was the last time you went through an entire day or week without hearing this word? I personally know some people who say "Oh, this is a miracle" when something happens, even a small something. Then I'm all "noooo, that's not a miracle. There was a 50-50 chance of that happening."

The term "miracle" should only be used, in my opinion, is when something happens that can't be explained by that individual, and not throw that word out so loosely. But then again, that event will always be explained in time anyway.

We are at the point in time when "miracles" are a thing of the past, a time when science and logic has over-ruled superstition and ignorance. There never was, and never will be, any true miracles. Miracles require proof. And the larger the miracle, the larger the proof needed.

And I will end my first post with that thought in mind.

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